Support our local, independent mountain businesses

Because Boulder County has said this:

“Given the current status of the roads, county public safety and transportation officials are urging residents to minimize – and visitors to curtail completely – their use of mountain roads within Boulder County”

The IMA is encouraging everyone who lives in the mountains–or comes up here on  business–to support our local, independent mountain businesses which have been severely affected by the flood in one way or another. 

The Mountain Neighbor, published out of Nederland, now offers a section in their Classified Ads online called Flood Assistance where anyone can post anything related.

This is a great place for your area’s businesses to post needs or information such as: “we’re open!” with some of the info suggested below. (or I am happy to do it for you–let me know.)

To access the online Flood Assistance section go to:

The IMA is compiling a list of businesses for our website and to send around on our QT and email lists to remind all of us to shop locally.

If you are a mountain business that would like to participate (Please Note: you do not have to be a storefront business to get in the act! This is for home businesses as well that have been impacted), either send me a brief email with the following information (not all categories will be applicable), or fill out the form below:

  • Name of Business and what you offer
  • Location
  • Hours of Operation
  • Website, Email, and Phone Number
  • Name of a Contact Person
  • One or two sentences about how you’ve been affected
  • What kind of help you need
  • What kind of help you can offer other small independent mountain businesses or residents


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We want to help in any way we possibly can. 

Contact me with your ideas of how else we can help support our independent local mountain businesses.

Thank you,

Pamela Sherman
303 606 6803 

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