The United States Department of Agriculture – Natural Resources Conservation Service is in the initial assessment process following the flood.

Information is needed for this assessment by Tuesday October 1.

If you are a property owner/manager and your land has been affected, or you know of someone’s property who was afTfected, the following information is needed by Tuesday 10/1:

  • Stream channel relocation or scouring along roads or near homes.
  • Irrigation structures damaged or compromised.
  • Debris and/or sediment

With this information we need pictures and estimates of damaged units.  For example if you are near a stream and the stream has caused the banks to eroded, provide  an estimate of the area effected in linear feet and the structure/road that is compromised as a result of the damage.  If it is an irrigation structure, what system the structure is located on, the size of structure, and damage done.  Debris and/or sediment in a stream channel, please let us know an approximation of how much and where the deposition is located.

Please send this information directly to by Tuesday 10/1.

We understand this is a short deadline, however the information you can provide us is very valuable for the initial phase of the assessment.

Thank you so much for your time regarding this matter.

Sylvia Hickenlooper
Soil Conservationist
USDA – NRCS Longmont Service Center
9595 Nelson Road Box D
Longmont, CO 80501
(303) 776-4034 ext 3
(303) 684-9893 Fax

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