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Thinking outside the box

This workshop offered me the opportunity to take advantage of other people’s different ways of thinking. 
Some things were simple, even obvious, but I hadn’t thought of them – like: 

  • putting a copy of the DeLoran Gazetteer of maps either in my car or in my go-bag, 
  • scanning my important docs and putting them in dropbox instead of carting the papers around with me.
  • storing numbers of motels (might be necessary for evac), and other important but not personal info in my phone (icloud)
  • solar battery pack for phone
  • a renewed emphasis on organizing my home, cleaning up my paperwork (dnr, will, living will) and consolidating my belongings
  • magnetic pocket for fridge with medical info in it for first responders

ideas for dealing with the road closures that Ward is about to experience, like:

  • scheduling carpools or vans for grocery and medical runs to Boulder, 
  • using the town website for linking to RTD schedules
  • using
  • publicizing alternate routes for visitors

There really was more than I could take in, and I heard fleeting moments of brilliant ideas coming from the other tables. I hope everyone can offer some of their learnings too.