Fire Season is upon us! Be Prepared

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Mountain residents should:

1.)  Prepare your home using wildfire mitigation procedures. Click HERE for more information.  Invite your local fire department to your home to discuss an access and mitigation plan.

2.)  Make sure your mountain home is adequately insured. Find insurance preparedness info HERE.  Attend an insurance preparedness presentation near your community.

2.)  Pack a "To Go Box" and have an evacuation plan for your family.  See side bar for "To Go Box" list.

3.)  Check in with your local, community based emergency preparedness group. Click HERE to find your community contact.

4.)  Purchase a NOAA weather radio with S.A.M.E. technology to get emergency evacuation notices in the case of power and phone outages.  As of this summer, the Office of Emergency Management will use National Weather Service notification as a back up to the Everbridge Notification System.



Historic and Ongoing Hazards

Many areas in the western states are at an increased flood risk due to wildfires in recent years. After a wildfire, the charred ground where vegetation has burned away cannot easily absorb rainwater,  the risk of flooding and mudflows over a number of years. Wildfire-affected areas include states such as Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, and Washington. Properties directly affected by fires and those located below or downstream of burn areas are most at risk.

Mudflows are rivers of liquid and flowing mud on the surface of normally dry land, often caused by a combination of brush loss and subsequent heavy rains. Mudflows can develop when water saturates the ground, such as from rapid snowmelt or heavy or long periods of rainfall, causing a thick liquid downhill flow of earth.

Mudflows are different from other earth movements, such as slope failures, and even moving saturated soil masses in which masses of earth, rock, or debris move down a slope where there is not a flowing .

Damage from mudflows is covered by flood insurance; damage from landslides and other earth movements is not. Mudslides can also be covered, if defined exactly as the Standard Flood Insurance Policy defines Mudflow.